Caregiver Spotlight – Lynne

Caregiver Spotlight – Lynne

At English Rose, we “hire for heart”. That’s what makes interviewing colleagues for their Caregiver Spotlight such a joy. I get to spend one-on-one time with such warm, compassionate people. Like Lynne, for example, who goes above and beyond to create wonderfully unique experiences that bring comfort and joy to so many English Rose residents.

Written by Heidi Swenson

Lynne and I settle into our seats at the cozy coffee shop next door to English Rose’s new Training Center on Main Street in downtown Hopkins. I was pleased to take on the assignment of writing a Caregiver Spotlight highlighting Lynne and the incredible support she provides our residents. I ask her to tell me a little about herself, to which she responds with a smile, “Which decade?”

I soon learned Lynne has had a dynamic career filled with varied, rich experiences. Born and raised in a suburb of Albany, NY, she’s an RN by education who’s worked as a nurse and crisis counselor. “I love helping people in need.” Lynne’s desire to be of service to others shines through in everything she has does. As the founder of Tastefully Yours, a personal chef service, she specialized in preparing meals for clients with medical diagnoses that required specialized diets. As the prior owner of the Royal Teas, a tea party catering business in New York City, her reputation for creating environments that make people feel special got her hired by Hillary Clinton for an award ceremony at the Roosevelt Estate in Hyde Park.

That spirit of connection is what led Lynne to English Rose, as well as our holistic approach to personalized care. “I especially connect with English Rose’s use of essential oils. I spent several years with the Young Living organization educating clients about skin care and the benefits of essential oils. I made my own salves and products using the essential oils and other holistic products.” Her passion for individual wellness inspired Lynne to create day-spa experiences for English Rose residents who are losing their interest in or ability to do personal cares. It includes a shower bomb that releases an aroma of eucalyptus to provide relaxation, a soft exfoliating glove to soften the skin, and a terrycloth headband to wear during soothing facials.

Lynne is interested in naturalistic modalities that help residents find a sense of calm, such as deep breathing exercises, music therapy, and vagus nerve toning. Lynne practices these techniques with individual residents to discover which are most helpful to them. She brings musical instruments from her private collection to work with her, encouraging residents to create their own music and join in during weekly visits from our music therapist.

“It’s not about getting tasks done at English Rose. It’s about meeting residents where they’re at, honing in on what’s most energizing to them and creating moments of joy.”

When Lynne discovered that a resident was an artist, she organized a gallery event to help unlock that core memory. The resident’s paintings replaced the home’s artwork, and guests (other residents, family members, and English Rose staff) were invited to admire the art and learn more about the pieces from the artist herself.

As a nod to her tea party days, Lynne enjoys creating immersive thematic experiences at English Rose, such as the Wonderland Tea party, where residents enjoyed stepping into a fantasy world to sip tea and enjoy homemade confections with the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, and Queen of Hearts.

Lynne is an excellent example of how, at English Rose, caregivers are encouraged to share their talents and personal interests with the people they care for. “It’s a relationship-driven care model,” explains Lynne. “We are encouraged to bring our authentic selves to work. So that’s what I do!”

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